Lemonade - Mixed by Case Bloom

There are few combinations better than lemonade and hip hop. This is the perfect mix to get you all in the mood for 4th of July weekend. Below is Case's explanation of the mix.

I have recently been going through music at a fast pace. Maybe it's twitter and blogs, or maybe it come's with the territory in 2010. In any case there is a lot of good music out there, and I've been meaning to highlight a few overlooked treats with a quick mix. We'll I finally got around to recording it this past week, and its here just in time for the first day of summer. The resulting concoction is thirty minutes of both new and ripe (if you will) soulful hip hop tracks, carefully selected for your pleasure, and mixed with just the right amount of sugary cuts. Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is....enjoy

Lemonade - Mixed by Case Bloom (download)

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Anonymous said...

Impressive! Smoking a cigar and drinking a beer with a smile on my face. Peace.