Mixing The Enemy - Mixed by Pipomixes

Re-posting my own stuff today. I don't think I've put more effort into a mix than I did for this PE mix. To say the least, PE is not the most mix friendly music. I think this was my last pre-torq mix if I remember correctly. My original description of the mix is below.

Since many of you seem to be enjoying some of my older mixes, I thought I'd post this Public Enemy mix that I completed in the summer of 2007. I remember seeing PE perform "Harder Than You Think" on Jimmy Kimmel Live a year and a half ago, and I said to myself that PE still had "it." It's not 1988 all over again, but I do feel that every deejay owes PE a tribute mix at some point in their lives. Hope you all enjoy the mix.

Mixing the Enemy - Mixed by Pipomixes (download)

- Show em what you got
- Night of the living baseheads
- Bring the noise
- Nightrain (pete rock remix)
- Nightrain
- Fight the power
- Cant trust it
- Don't believe the hype
- Brothers gonna work it out
- Welcome to the terrordome
- Rebel without a pause
- Terminator X to the edge of panic
- Chuck D interview
- Harder than you think
- Shut em down (pete rock remix)
- Shut em down
- Give it up
- Black steel in the hour of chaos
- He Got game


Shelly Griffith said...

I love this album, honestly! it's not so easy to find good mixes nowadays - they all try to copy each other which absolutely inappropriate. These ones are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up this? I can't get the link to work. Thanks!