And the Most Slept-On DJ is.... (*Sticky*)

Congratulations to DJ Melo-D for being voted the most "slept-on" DJ according to the community of deejays, mixtape listeners, and general musical connoisseurs of all things dope.  Full list of deejays receiving recognition after the jump.

  • DJ Melo-D (3)
  • DJ Spinbad (2)
  • DJ Shortkut (2)
  • D-Styles
  • DJ Apollo (2)
  • DJ Flare
  • SoulMan
  • DJ Three
  • Mista Sinista (2)
  • Kutfather
  • DJ Marcus B
  • DJ Stephen Flex
  • DJ Tenshun
  • DJ Rip One
  • DJ Ada
  • DJ Tony A
  • Z-Trip
  • DJ Joey the 3rd
  • DJ Krush
  • DJ Qool Marv
  • DJ Noize
  • DJ Mane One
  • DJ Bobcat
  • DJ Joe Quixx
  • DJ DV One
  • DJ Lynkle
  • DJ Abilities
  • Plane Ol Bill
  • DJ Muro
  • DJ JS-1
  • DJ John Doe
  • Skratch Bastid (2)
  • Ken Sport
  • Liondub
  • Soulman
  • Marc Moke
  • L Dula
  • DJ Day
  • Lukid
  • Ahu
  • Phil Most Chill
  • DJ Morse Code
  • DJ Unexpected
  • Conmen
  • DJ Wicked (PDX)
  • DJ Evil One
  • House Shoes
  • Mr. Thing
  • DJ Kazikiyo
  • DJ Rectangle
  • DJ Nuts
  • DJ Seiji
  • DJ Danny Holloway
  • DJ JR Ewing
  • Skeme Richards
  • Jam Master Jay
  • Grand Wizard Theodore
  • Cut Master DC
  • Mix Master Ice
  • DJ Craze
  • DJ Cash Money


Eric Nord said...

I remember hearing Melo-D on the radio EVERY DAY in Los Angeles. "Traffic Jam", right? Was it 92.3 The Beat or Power 106? And then he also had a KDAY show too, right? All I know is that for a year or two, Melo-D would cut it up on prime time LA radio. Dude was flawless with his juggles. And juggling vinyl live on prime time radio is no joke!

pipomixes said...

It was 92.3, and those 20 min mixes were f*cking FLAWLESS! The first time I heard Slum Village's "Players" was on a Melo-D 92.3 mix. You could hear Melo-D working, he'd incorporate all the "tasteful" top 40 stuff and mix in a few gems here and there like say, Players. As if he was saying, "Ok pd, I've played what you want, now I'm going to mix in a few gems under your nose that you'll never notice anyway."


You were right Pipo about the issue being sticky it was & still is on that slept on tip I don't have any arguments on this topic I know about Melo-D im a big fan of Beatjinkies DJs and because I am a DJ it takes one to know one what I wanna know is when is the worlds most criminally slept on DJ post coming out I would personally say that Jam Master Jay, Grand Wizard Theador, Cutmaster DC & Mixmaster Ice of UTFO
were slept on something terrible


But since we were on the topic of DJ Scratch check out this video he did which was real relevant to the topic Top 5 DJ's dead or alive

Courtesy of allhiphopvideo

ADA said...

Melo D aka Gambling Pete is incredible, I was blown away by The AM Workshop... serious!!!! Flawless is a good word for it. it's hard to quantify "most" slept on because then that would mean the one who gets mentioned the least and Melo does get his due props on occasion. this is more like the Best Of The Slept. Z Trip shouldnt be on that list because he won the America's Best DJ voted by a people's poll.

bzrwon said...

Have to agree with ADA, most slept on would entail someone who doesn't get enough props and been a member of the Beat Junkies, Melo D has plenty and is recognized world wide.
Most of that list has well know DJ's on it, either DMC Champs or household names, if you take off these guys:
DJ Melo-D
DJ Spinbad
DJ Shortkut
DJ Apollo
Mista Sinista
DJ Krush
DJ Noize
DJ Muro
DJ Seiji
Skratch Bastid
Mr. Thing
DJ Rectangle
Jam Master Jay
Grand Wizard Theodore
DJ Craze
DJ Cash Money

and possibly a few more then you would have a better list for most slept on, imo.
Personally I'd vote for John Doe from 1200 Hobos out of that list but I'm a little biased, since I consider him a friend. Close second and third would be either Rip One, or Marcus B another ex-1200 Hobos member.

ADA said...

Marcus B and Rip One, so dope yet so unrecognized! how about DJ Riz? so slept on I forgot to include him in my list!