J. Rocc Live at Chocolate

Takes about 10 minutes for the set to really hit its stride. When it does, nothing but pure enjoyment.



ohhhhhhh shhhhhhhyyyyyt thissssss dude J.Rocc is one of the baddest on the tables he has never let me down and he funky as all hell every last single mix is so free and alot of the time he is real unpredictable its like you don't know what the hell he's gonna mix next but he does it J.Rocc be mixing shit up you only think about lol! thanks Pipo for posting this one I was wilding to this video this morning every time I have ever heard him mix it makes me wanna go jump on the tables & play out live some where I can't wait for his album to drop soon

pipomixes said...

Yup, at the risk of being a "stan," J.Rocc's combination of skillz and steez is simply unmatched. He makes me want to jump on my tables, and throw them away because I'll never be as nice (all at the same time). No matter what, it's a sound worth aspiring to.