Down with the Kings - Mixed by Omega:NYC

Thank you to all of you who have showed love for the Bootlegs & B-sides mix. Here is a mix brought to you by the man who taught me everything I know on the tables. Description of the mix below. Highly Recommended.

Malik (Arabic: ملك‎) is an Arabic word meaning "King"
Malik Isaac Taylor better known by his stage name Phife Dawg and Malik Abdul Basit aka Malik B not only have name in common but also a struggle. These two MC's are often overshadowed by their counterparts in the groups that blew them up! This mix highlights the rhyme styles of these two artist and blends the classic tracks we have enjoyed from A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots.

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The Dynamic Grandmixer Hamza 21 said...

Wow!! I been wondering what ever happened to Omega. It's good to see he's back with a new mix. I always thought Malik B was a sick emcee but sadly his drug use has ruined his career. Hopefully one day he can get himself together return to the The Roots.