A Few 45s - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

All sorts of crunchy, crackling grooves for a Monday morning.  Description of mix below.
Extra crunchy and dusty this month. Strictly 45 wax, I promise it's funky, eclectic and soulful but can't promise it's in the best condition. In the era of clean, digital mp3s and synthy beats it's hard to say whose ears might still be ok with some pops and hisses but this tape is as much about the music as it is a kind of audio documentary of various digging adventures into the basements and flea markets. This is what dirty-knuckle crate missions sound like, when your foot's falling asleep cuz you've been crouched in the corner of a spot going through hundreds of unsleeved 45s hoping no one else sees the treasures you're uncovering.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys. Also, I'm going to start throwing my mixes on Soundcloud each month for easier sharing and streaming: http://soundcloud.com/djianhead

-- DJ Ian Head

The Soulful Strings - "I Wish it Would Rain"
Ike and Tina - "Whole Lotta Love"
Betty Davis - "If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up"
Privilege - "Purple Dog"
Pretty Purdie - "Song for Aretha"
Rhetta Hughes - "Light My Fire"
King Floyd - "Feel Like Dynamite"
The Whatnauts - "Message From a Black Man"
S.O.U.L. - "This Time Around"
Five Stairsteps and Cubie - "Don't Change Your Love"
Otis Redding - "Hard to Handle"
Eric Burdon and War - "Magic Mountain"
Leroy Hutson - "As Long as There's Love Around"
Rotary Connection - "May Our Amens Be True"
Eugene McDaniels - "Tell Me Mr. President"
DJ Rogers - "It's Alright"



Christine said...

I'm totally digging this mix, thanks! I personally think the pops & crackles add to the sound if you ask me. And I chuckled to myself and can totally relate to your foot falling asleep!
Looking forward to the next mix! Thanks for sharing these sweet sounds!

jimmy said...

dirtier the better, had many a dead leg and cramped knee session myself, lol.


K3RTO said...

I enjoyed your mix thank you!