Rob Swift Discusses Roc Raida Tribute Mixtape

Man, Raida's passing really bums me out everytime I'm reminded of it. Here, Rob Swift explains the process behind the new tribute mixtape, including his use of audio clips from himself and Roc Raida telling the story of their friendship and their work together. The video also shows Swift recreating one of the routines on the mixtape live. Additionally, he explains the importance of the project, as net proceeds from the album will go to benefit Roc Raida’s wife, Tye, and his three daughters he left behind.

Rob Swift will release “Roc for Raida” on March 20th, as it will be the 21st anniversary from the time Rob Swift and Roc Raida first met at the 1991 East Coast DMC in NYC.

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Jason @ PSB said...

Composition... goosebumps.