Blazing 45 Rehearsal - Mixed by DJ Boogie Blind

Byze One's below description pretty much says it all.  I tried to find some video of the actual live mix, but I've been unsuccessful so far.
In a day when most DJ's can't even name every member of Tribe or even have any wax in their homes. There are a few of us that will never stop digging in the crates for that rare gem. Shit if we need the record that bad well go and press it up ourselves. F_ck an mp3 (sometimes)
Last week, my brother Boogie Blind came to LA and handed us our asses when he rocked at Blazing 45's.  It has to be hands down one of the nicest set's that I've ever seen live.  90 mins. of flawless one drops, blends, and cuts all on 45.  No laptop, no skips, no mistakes....I hope they recorded it.....
In the meantime, while he was practicing his set at my crib, I hit it is; Rehearsal Stylee


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