K-Def - Music is My Character

Music Is my Character by Gasface

I was meaning to post this over the weekend but I didn't want this video to get overlooked. I was personally very inspired and encouraged by K-Def's commitment to music in general, as well as the preservation of hip hop culture. Hip Hop is still very much alive and there are plenty of notables who continue to do their thing at a very high level. I just hope more "notables" continue to preserve and showcase the culture in as thoughtful a way as K-Def.


Anonymous said...

Someones riding their own jock a little too hard

pipomixes said...

I can see how you might get that impression, but I think that's more just a hip hop and nyc thing

Eric Nord said...

Here is a summary of K-Def's monologue:

1. All good hip hop has loud drums.
2. No one today is making good hip hop.
3. K-Def pretends to sniff cocaine in order to make better drum beats.
4. K-Def will save hip hop.

Hardeep said...

I think regardless of how you take this video, K-Def's craftsmanship with his beats speaks for itself. I personally enjoyed the insight into a relatively enigmatic producer.

Anonymous said...

K-Def beats his own drum, 90 bpm.