Ras G Live at Boiler Room L.A.

I have a statement and question. Statement: This is really dope and worth your while to watch. Question: Can anybody explain how the laptop is being used here?


analoghdesc said...

looks like he is using native instruments mashine controller or ableton push type controller with the laptop

pipomixes said...

do you mind explaining a little further what function the controllers are performing. Is he triggering the instrumentals with the laptop?

analoghdesc said...

bascially the loops are stored on the laptop/hd and mapped to the controller, check out Domingo Beats on Maschine


there seems to be several setups/layouts/layers to each button and know depending on the user

most of people i know using those controllers and software have their loops & drum sets setup enabling them to make on the fly remixes

tried google his equipment list only came up with this article where he says he favorite equipment is the SP 404 (pre maschine)


btw how can i get email alerts on replies and such? luckily i came back to listen again today

btw thanks for all your great posts and info