Minimalism - Mixed by Pipomixes

 Hip Hopper since 1978 with wife and kid looking for musical inspiration between honey and daddy dos.  I'm inspired by the acclaim of the loop based music of Roc Marciano, Apollo Brown and 14 KT making classic beats on little more than a cracked version of Cool Edit Pro, the L.A. Beat Movement, Nick tha 1da's SP-303/404 videos, all the SP-303/404 beat makers, the stories of how Donuts was made (regardless of how true they may or may not be), deejays going the less convenient route and mixing all vinyl sets, all of the incredible rapper-less albums that have dropped the past 7 years, Oddisee, Damu the Fudgemunk, Dibia$e, Ras G, Samiyam, just about every beat by Madlib, Adrian Younge, and the simplicity of a stack of records with a drum machine.  I'm inspired by minimalism.  Enjoy the mix.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pipo - didn't press play button yet, but your words inspired me - to say that even though I never saw you in person and probably never will, YOU made a GREAT impact on me. I have been checking your blog on daily basis for nearly 4 years now... My first official mixtape will be dedicated to you.

All Props

Anonymous said...

Hell yes! The wait is over! Can't wait to get lost in another Pipomixes' mix! Thanks!


yes sir! Pipo does it again love this mix big homie as well all your others too

Anonymous said...

can't wait to blast it in the ride! Thanks for keepin' us in "the loop"...

ADA said...

bumping this in headphones doing some headsdown work after a long weekend. hitting hard at the 15 minute mark! blessings Pipo, here go another one!

analoghdesc said...

Anonymous said...

Great work on the mix. Top quality and design.


p76 said...

i'll be making some fresh pasta with mushrooms to this. Thanks

augiemelodee said...

This mix is on point! Keep up the good work Pipo.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Great mix! Thanks for this and all the others

Anonymous said...

Really liking the mix Pipo! Great track selection and fluid mixing. Nicely done!

analoghdesc said...

i'm back:

yo loved that mixed for so many reason

-you mentioned your loved ones
-great music
-ghostface speaking on the true art form of sampling = less = more
-more great music
-and my number 1 reason = you had balls throwing in Portishead, not once but a few times OMG BiGuPs ReSpecT homie

i've listened to it several time now ( my fucking plantation owner is blocking all the streaming sites one by one :( )

well you made me take it back though and dig out all my Portisheads albums and i watch this in it's entirety again

yo no facebook page?

i want to spread the word

yo Peace to you and Yours

have a Nice Holiday Season

Thank you for all the gifts you given my ears


pipomixes said...

Thank you to everybody for the kind words and support. Good to hear you all enjoying