So This Is De La Heaven Pt. 2 - Mixed by DJ Platurn

As per tradition, a Highly Recommended mix posted the day prior to a new Pipomixes joint.  In my opinion, this one is better than the first.

Purchase here:…pt-2-mix-cd
“Out of all the De La mixes i’ve heard this is the most creative one. Let me take it back in time a bit and say this is ‘Strickly Dan Stuckie’. Salute, salutary, and salutations!!!” – DJ Maseo
“De La Soul is arguably the most creative Hip Hop group that ever existed. Everything about them was and still is different. From their sense of fashion, to the music they made. Some people considered them the Hip Hop Hippies. I’d like to think of them as Hip Hop Heroes! So glad DJ Platurn has done this mix tape tribute. The new generation of Hip Hop fans needs to know De La Soul!” – Rob Swift
“DJ Platurn’s new De La Heaven mix is a love letter to the craftmanship and care that went into making some of the purest Hip-Hop songs ever produced. Any music fan will appreciate this respectfully made De La mix.” — Michael Rapaport
“DJ Platurn kills it again – it’s De La Heaven!” – DJ Andy Smith
“The mix is incredible. A great educative high brow delivery that really exposes the genius and elaborate approach of De La Soul productions. The Maseo intro is beautiful.” – Mr. E
“We’re ALL fans, but Platurn is like a walking Native Tongue Encyclopedia. This is
what happens when a DJ takes that kinda knowledge, goes “De La” specific with
it, then runs THAT through some turntables (not once, but TWICE!)… Ooodles of
Ooohs!” – DJ Z-Trip
“Platurn reverse engineered the genius behind De La Soul’s incomparable melodic legacy.” – DJ Nu-Mark
“DJ Platurn effortlessly captures the true essence of real Hip Hop and the spirit of a generation of music that is timeless. De La Heaven teleports us right back to our roots, reminding us of everything we love about Hip Hop and good music!” – Faust & Shortee
“Nice!” – Supreme La Rock
“Platurn murks the De La catalog and shows utmost respect and skill for cutting the original breaks that raised us on the Native Tongues.” – DJ J-Boogie
“Part two of an impeccable mix celebrating De La’s timeless wit and brilliance — a rap nerd’s dream come true.” – David Ma (Wax Poetics)
“Expertly selected, perfectly mixed, and fun as hell. The tall guy did it again!” — DJ Eleven
Full info here:…heaven-pt-2/

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Sigma said...

This is a great mix, but it's a shame he didn't include a download link. I'd buy it, as the CD is a reasonable $10, but shipping to the UK is $20, twice the cost of the CD!