Nia Snippets - Mixed by J. Rocc

I remember getting this tape back in the late 90's with one of my Hiphopsite orders. I think my walkman ate the tape or something because I haven't been able to find this tape anywhere. Either way, one of the more rare J. Rocc mixes. Props to for ripping and uploading the mix.  In an unrelated related note, Nia remains one of my favorite albums.

 This is the cassette released in 1999 as a promo for Blackalicious' Nia LP. It's mixed by J Rocc of the world famous Beat Junkies.
I've uploaded this for my Mo' Wax fan website
Please note that the audio is a bit weird for the first 90 seconds, due to the age of both the tape and my tape player!

The full tracklisting is as follow :
Shallow Days
Cliff Hanger
You Didn't Know That Though
Do This My Way
A To G
Apocalypse 2000

Deep In The Jungle
Alphabet Aerobics
Attica Black
Fully Charged
Swan Lake
Count & Estimate


DJ Soulsonic a/k/a Herr Wempe said...

nice, still got the tape!

ADA said...

this is dope, I've always loved the Nia album and never knew about this promo mix fom J Rocc. I thought the first 90 seconds was some sort of intentional filtered intro, sounded good!

Anonymous said...
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Mon Blog du cul said...
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Mon Blog du cul said...
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