The 13 Best Mixes of 2013

Here it is mix fiends.  The much anticipated, can't be duplicated, the often imitated best mixes list where merit is king.  Hold the salt if you didn't make the list.  Mixes from the likes of J. Rocc, DJ Spinna, Rhettmatic, Boogie Blind, 45 King, and many other legendary names didn't make the cut.  I'll be the first to admit that a slump buster or two gets posted every now and again.  However, remember why you keep coming back to this blog.  You keep coming back because this blog is devoted to posting nothing but the highest quality mixes regardless of the deejay's name.  In other words, just getting a post speaks volumes for the excellence of all the mixes that get love on this site (minus the one or two wack ones that made it through the filter).  No list is perfect and this list is certainly no exception.  Over 300 mixes were posted this year.  It is impossible for me to remember every blend and track selection of all the mixes posted.  As a result, the odds are pretty good that many worthy mixes were simply forgotten.  I did my best to keep notes throughout the year to set aside mixes that I thought were worthy candidates.  However, my system was far from perfect.  I won't attempt to justify or explain any of my selections.  Here it is.  The 13 best mixes according to me.  Feel free to tell me how shitty my list is.

Mix of 2013

Runnin Thru the Breaks Volume 4 - Mixed by DJ MoeBedda

12 Other Excellent Mixes (in no particular order)

B.I.G. Over Premier - Mixed by DJ Finesse
Used Volume 7 - Mixed by Fake Blood
Helio GLK - Mixed by Gaslamp Killer
Syndromes Live (Opening Set) - Mixed by J. Rocc
7 inch Odyssey - Mixed by DJ ADA
Looking for the Perfect Beat Volume 1 - Mixed by DJ K-Def (side B)
Runnin Thru the Breaks Volume 3 - Mixed by DJ MoeBedda
Runnin Thru the Breaks on 4th of July - Mixed by DJ MoeBedda
Boiler Room Set (7/8/13) - Kutmah
31 Days - Mixed by DJ Marsellus Wallace
So This is De La Heaven Part 2 - Mixed by DJ Platurn
Night Hype - Mixed by Sparkle Motion


Anonymous said...

Decent list, did you cop this one? Its on my list....


Anonymous said...

DJ MoeBedda break mixes and J Rocc Syndromes Set are standouts. I would put SP-1200 and Minimalism on there as well.