The Hour of Chaos - Mixed by DJ Moneyshot

Egotrip posted this mix last week filed under "Shiznit We Slept On."  Well, they weren't the only ones.  I did a PE mix of my own a few years back and I am well aware of how challenging it can be to mix PE's catalog, let alone blending in the sample sources.  This mix right here is the mix I could have only dreamed of creating.  I tip my hat to DJ Moneyshot.  Highly Recommended.


Anonymous said...

Yo Pipo,

Sick blog. i have been following you for a very long time. Thank you for all you do. I recently lost all data on a phone and that included DJ Enki's Vapor Room Mix. It is down on MixCloud. Any chance you have a copy? i would be even further in your debt if you could help me. Thanks for the blog and your mixes. i can email you info if need be.


Anonymous said...

Ayo Pipo!
Long time reader, first time comment-er(?) ...sorry!
Props on a the blog, keep up the amazing work!!

Yep yep, don't sleep on checking out more Moneyshot stuff... the boy's got some skills on the wheels of steel and has knocked out a few killer mixes you should give a listen to.


J Rubz