Lost and Found: The 45 King Blends - Mixed by The Dynamic Hamza 21

Of all the "best of" mix themes out there, a 45 King mix is the theme I've wanted to do most of all. The problem is that most of 45 King's catalog isn't available anywhere. Crazy to think in this day and age of nothing (almost) being hard to procure, most of 45 King's vast instrumental catalog remains monopolized by the few who bought the original vinyl releases in the 90s. For that reason, I've refrained from the mix. Simply put, my 45 King crates ain't deep enough to do the mix right. With all that said, my blog partner in crime took at stab at the elusive 45 King mix. I must say that Hamza certainly did his damn thing. Top shelf blends of various underground acapellas over classic 45 King beats seamlessly mixed together.  Highly Recommended that you don't sleep. Download HERE

Made exclusively with tracks from the Lost Breakbeats series by The 45 King. Released between the years of 1990 and 1993 the series contained quite a selection of funky boom bap joints that the Mark The 45 King is known for. With so many quality productions deciding which beats to feature in this tribute mix was a bit difficult. Despite the difficulty I believe I procured the choicest beats to produce these blends.

To those who are not aware of the 45 King's legacy I hope this mix inspires you to explore more of his vast production work and to the many 45 King fans I hope you enjoy this humble tribute of mine.

 L.A. Ment ft. Evidence - Undisputables (The 45 King Blend)
Visionaries ft. Ariano - In The Good (The 45 King Blend)
DJ Muggs ft. Dr Dre & B Real - Puppet Master (The 45 King Blend)
Busta Rhymes ft. Q Tip - Ill Vibe (The 45 King Blend)
Cypress Hill ft. Tim Armstrong - What's your Number (The 45 King Blend)
Lin Que ft MC Lyte - Let It Fall (The 45 King Blend)
The Kozmonautz ft. Pete Rock & LMNO - Blindsided (The 45 King Blend)
Tommy Tee ft. Mike Zoot, Pete Rock,Large Professor & AG - World Renown (The 45 King Blend)
Chino XL ft. Kool G Rap - Let em Live (The 45 King Blend)
MC Ren - Ruthless For Life (The 45 King Blend)
The Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop (The 45 King Blend)
Psycho and DJ Rip One - On Deadly Ground (The 45 King Blend)
Camp Lo ft. Run & Kid Capri - Black Nostaljack Kid Capri Mix Tape Remix (The 45 King Blend)
Mr. J. Medeiros - Her Wings (The 45 King Blend)

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pipomixes said...

this is a really nice mix. can't believe i never even heard of LA Men before. wth - i thought i was a true head.