Spring Breaks #1 - Mixed by DJ Sheep

DJ Sheep has taken over the mix blog game in a very short period of time. The quality and frequency of mixes he has released in the last year is really unparalleled.  Enjoy his latest gem.  Highly Recommended.
Recorded Live: September 9th, 2014
Welcome to the first instalment of this season's mixes titled SPRING BREAKZ!
It's been over a month since I've been in the lab and it took me a little while to get warmed up this evening, so bear with this as it's my most ambitious effort yet. As the weather starts to heat up, I thought I should get that heat out the crates too! Here's a list of the genres and things that I managed to lock down in 73 minutes of the wheels of steel:
Disco, Funk, Soul, Soundtracks, Reggae, Library Records, Dirty Funky Soul 45s, $1 Bin Classics, Drum Breaks, a * TONNE * of used and unused samples, Private Press secret squirrels, Experimental/Electronic stuff, Blaxploitation radio spots, Chinese TV commercials, Australian Punk, Psych, Fuzz, Jazz, Latin, Video Game music, Stereo Test records, Pinky Violence raers, B-Boy Breaks, an Idris Muhamad (R.I.P.) "extraction" from my man BAPT in Paris, a couple of seldom played Nas joints, a Lakim Shabazz freestyle, some live remix action with Rakim, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, The Game, Alkaholiks and Percee P all gettin' the live "SHEEPMIX" treatment (check around the 34 minute mark). As always, I gave this mix the world treatment with special joints from India, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Taiwan, Africa, Israel, South America, Thailand, China, Italy, Russia, Hungary and from all over Europe and the world. David Axelrod sits nicely besides James Last on this mix… Finally, J-Zone laced me with his new "Lunch Breaks" record, so I cut up a handful of those breaks throughout the mix; see if you can tell his drums from the 70's joints, it's tough!
Thanks to everyone who supported the "Winter Bluntz" trilogy, This mix was definitely a test of stamina on the brain and on the decks, please enjoy and all I ask in return is to please keep spreading the good word throughout your networks and holla if you got anything good cookin'; I work and I travel. CD's for "Winter Bluntz" and "Spring Breakz" will be available soon via my numero uno famalia, "Soul Amazin' Records" in Taiwan at facebook.com/soulamazinrecords
Thanks to GRNDGD, egotrip, Unkut, Ryan Proctor, cratesofjr, pipomixes, all the other blogs, listeners, followers and my people worldwide for showin' love, I appreciate you all. peace. DJ Sheep aka Chineazy-E.
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pipomixes said...

Oh snap! That second break is the Birds Eye view same! What!?!?

pipomixes said...

sounds so nice on the Bose's i thought it was raining outside but that was just snap crackle N pop in them records
ears feeling really blessed right now