Salamander Street Massacre - Mixed by DJ Sheep

While many of you were listening to ATCQ, De la, and Souls throughout your high school years, I wasn't nearly as enlightened. This mix pretty much captures my musical pallet circa 93-97.  The more bass, the better.  The more obscene and offensive the lyrics, the "realer" the music.  Enjoy.

It's been a decade since both my last installment of the Ign'ant mix tape series and my three-year column in HHC Magazine. After working hard to profile the most vile, rude, offensive rap music I could possibly procure, I decided to bury both endeavors and move on to other things. After all, I'd maxed out the IRS (Ign'ant Rating Scale) in every possible category: senseless violence, wanton misogyny, race-baiting, hare-trigger mayhem and total lack of respect for everything under the sun. At least that's what I thought - until I checked out DJ $heep's $alamander $treet Massacre. Well, now I can officially declare my career as ign'ant rap guru over. If nothing else, it's because a cut from my obscure, forgotten Gorilla Pimp$ showed up on a mix tape in 2014. And the said mix tape is dropping in possibly the softest, most (faux) politically correct climate the world has ever seen. That's proof there are sick fucks out there who deliver the word against all odds, and $heep, you are one of them. Salute. I bestow the crown unto you.
- J-Zone
1. To Kill A Hooker
2. Findum, Fuxkum & Flee
3. I Need Some Pu$y
4. $lap that Bitch, Punch that Ho
5. Treat 'Em How They Act
6. $weet Black Pu$y
7. I'd Rather Give U My Bitch
8. Rough Brother$ From $outh Park
9. Tru$t No Bitch
10. Babie$ in Tra$h Can$
11. My Dicc Is $till Prejudiced
12. Bitch Pleeze
13. Return of Da Baby Killa
14. Never Let a Bitch
15. Wash Your A$
16. If You Ain't $uckin'
17. $moke Dope and Rap
18. I'd Rather Fuxk You
# J-Zone: @jzonedonttweet / @jzonedontig /
# Interludes & Post Production: $NOOP GOD


pipomixes said...

Seems like "no actual mixing" mixtapes are becoming the norm

pipomixes said...

Sheep has a bunch of mixes were he really gets his mix. However, your point is well taken. A lot of compilations out there pretending to be mixes