J. Rocc Live on Spaceways Radio (3/22/15)

J. Rocc will begin hosting his own radio next Sunday night (3/29) on KPFK.  Here he is with a live mix on Carlos Nino's Spaceways Radio.  It's hard to tell where the mix actually begins, but you're pretty safe if you begin at the 1 hour mark.

Listen HERE


1. Click the above link
2. Open the "All Shows" drop down menu
3. Find "J.Rocc"
4. Play the 3/22 episode of Spaceways Radio


pipomixes said...

Wow. That's great news about J.Rocc getting a show. I wonder if Cotton Mouth will pay him a visit?

pipomixes said...

Jrocc's musical tastes have drifted to most obscure music over the years I think I would hate the show but I will give it a listen. Btw, here's the link it only 31 kbps mono file though:


pipomixes said...

Totally forgot about Cotton Mouth

pipomixes said...

He's taking over the Spaceways time slot on KPFK, so obscurity goes with the territory.