Jérôme "Tacteel" Echenoz and The Genevan Heathen - Above The Law Tribute (Deluxe Edition)

Classic West Coast acts like Above the Law never did (and still don't) get a whole lot of love from the hip hop vanguard, but there really seems to be a niche following for these type of acts on the net. Well, I guess there's a following for just about everything online now that I think about it a little more. Nevertheless, this mix right here is a prime example of the type of mix I'd love to make if only I had more time. Prioritization has killed more of my mix themes than Bravo TV has killed my brain cells. Still have a proper G-Funk mix (no, not like the namby pamby ones all over the net) that I've got to do before I die. However, that mix is going to have to wait in line behind the 30 volumes of Madlib mixes I'd also like to do. Where to begin? I'll shut up now. Enjoy the mix.

A tribute to Westcoast hip hop legends Above The Law: Cold187um, KMG, Total K-Oss, Go Mack.
Concept and song selection by Jérôme "Tacteel" Echenoz and The Genevan Heathen
Mixed by Jérôme "Tacteel" Echenoz
Artwork by Mattfoley
Special shoutout to Goon Kid (Rolex)
R.I.P. KMG The Illustrator
01. Never Missin’ A Beat (Intro) (1992)
02. Just Kickin’ Lyrics (1990)
03. Concrete Jungle (1994)
04. Clinic 2000 (1996)
05. Game Wreck-oniz-iz Game (1992)
06. V.S.O.P. (1992)
07. Dose Of The Mega Flex (1991)
08. X.O. Wit Me (1998)
09. Harda U R The Doppa U Faal (1992)
10. Aftermath (feat. Kokane) (1994)
11. Murder Rap (1990)
12. Adventures Of… (1998)
13. What Cha Can Prove (Mega Mix) (1990)
14. Call It What U Want (1992)
15. Pimpology 101 (1992)
16. Rain Be For Rain Bo (1994)
17. Another Execution (1990)
18. Uncle Sam’s Curse (1994)
19. B.M.L. (Commercial) (1991)
20. In God We Trust (1998)
21. Why Must I Feel Like Dat (1992)
22. Apocalypse Now (1996)
23. G’s & Macaronies (1992)
24. Words 2 My First Born (2001)
25. Floetry (1998)
26. Ghetto Platinum (2002)
27. 100 Spokes (Fresh On D’s Remix) (1996)
28. Livin’ Like Hustlers (G-Mixx) (1991)
29. We’re All In The Same Gang (1990)
30. Everywhere We Go (2001)
31. City Of Angels (Original Version) (1996)
32. City Of Angels (DJ Raze Screwed Up Remix) (1996)
33. Encore (1996)
34. Kalifornia (1994)
35. Return Of The Real Shit (1994)
36. Pimp Clinic Anthem (1994)
37. Everything Will Be Alright (1994)
38. Don’t Bite The Phunk (1994)
39. Satellite Niggaz (1996)
40. Mee Vs My Ego (1992)
41. The Streets (1998)
42. The Last Song (1990)
43. Black Superman (1994)
44. Outro (1992)
Original version released on CD by Institubes (R.I.P.) back in the days.

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