A Tribute to DJ Screw: Six of the Best Tapes from the Screwston Legend

An absolute must read for all Screw fans.  If you're not a Screw fan, I feel sorry for your modda.  The article can be read HERE.
Not every blend was clean, and his scratching was merely competent, (6) but Screw had an ear for deep cuts and for what would sound good slowed down. He’d drag out an under-appreciated song, one that might never stand out in the context of whatever album it came from, and make you listen to it until you agreed with him that it was a work of genius. It was through listening to Screw tapes that I overcame my dislike for Tupac (a blasphemous position to take while I was growing up in the Bay Area) and it was on those tapes that I discovered rappers who now rank among my all-time favorites.

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