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The originators of this whole online hip hop thing.  Sure, their shipping turnaround times left much to be desired.  But, they were always very cool to me when I called wondering where my records were.  Plus, there exclusives and give-aways were the stuff of legend.  Read the interview of co founder, DJ Pizzo HERE.
Remix albums weren’t even common back then, this (Grey Album) really started that trend. We had it up for twenty-four hours and we went through five hundred or a thousand copies. We were like, ‘Damn!’ Then we find out MTV is talking about The Grey Album – that’s what was driving all these sales. He got a cease and desist, so he called us up and said, ‘You can’t ship anymore out.’ Prior to the cease and desist he had pressed a thousand copies of the vinyl, before he even knew it was going to blow up. So what he ended up doing was giving them to his friends and he numbered them. He kept track of who had what number, so if it ended up on Ebay he would know who sold their copy. [laughs] A year or two later he did the Gorillaz album and Gnarls Barkley and I’ve never talked to him again. He’s just become untouchable. [laughs]
God’s Stepson came out of that. ABB was trying to get us to carry the Little Brother album, so they gave us a 45 of this track ‘Atari 2600’ and that took off. Then they were like, ‘We’ve got this Justus League mixtape thing, we’ve got this God’s Stepson thing.’ And then those things went crazy. We were running Doom‘s website at the time and he had an album that was about to drop. I was like, ‘I did a remix album blending Nas accapellas and your beats. I’ll pay you ‘x’ amount of dollars if we can just give this away on CD with the purchase of the album.’ I didn’t even credit myself on it, we just called it Nastradoomus. We just pressed up the CD-R and then that it blew-up. We were selling all this product because of this one little free CD-R that was coming with it. We did a part two a few months later and it took on a life of its own. It blew up and it got bootlegged to death – vinyl, professional CDs – that thing was everywhere. That was not our intention.

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