Pullin' from the Stacks (Hip Hop Episode) - DJ Ian Head

Highly Recommended.
For the 50th episode, I'm breaking one of the rules of the Pullin from the Stacks podcast, and playing all-hip-hop records. Still all-vinyl, all-originals. Nothing super rare, just some of my favorites.
Thanks so everyone who has stuck by the past two years as well as the new listeners - it's incredibly appreciated. Let's try for fifty more.
Tracklist: Dead Presidents, Slum Brothers, All Natural ft. Lone Catalysts, Raw Produce, Mystik Journeymen, Jugganauts, The Grouch, Herbaliser ft. What What, Akrobatik ft. Mr. Lif, Unspoken Heard, Network Reps, Zion I ft. Grouch and Goapele, Mass Influence, Large Pro ft. Q-Tip

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