Perhaps the best week of year in terms of quality mixes.  Another Highly Recommended mix from blog favorite, DJ Sheep.  Sheep is known to go on hiatus not to be heard from for extended time, only to return with an abundance of mixes to make up for lost time.  Hopefully, we'll hear more from Sheep in the coming weeks and months.

Recorded Live: 20th June 2017
I've been on a two year long hiatus from the vinyls / mixtape game, however after much deliberation and delay, I'm happy to give you Part 002 in a series of mixes curated by Mike Who and myself: CORNERSTONE SELECTIONS. Recorded in one take with not much preparation, grimy and raw, one-take, Sunnybank style.
This one is 74-minutes long and features 36 records that I wanted to share specifically with Mike. Expect sounds ranging from sweet soul, high school disco rap, reggae, rap samples, psych, post punk, city pop, jazz, rap dance boogie, Latin, cover versions, Asian joints, dancing music and much more! Over two decades of hard work dug mostly in person from the depths of the UK, US, France, New Zealand, Scotland, Thailand, Africa, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Holland and more!
Next up, I'll be dropping a mixtape of Video Game music. Enjoy this one and be on the lookout for "003" by the Melbourne crate maestro, Arks.
peace. DJ Sheep

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