Australian Breaks & Beats: Worldwide FM Mix - Mixed by DJ Sheep

Another Highly Recommended mix brought to you by DJ Sheep.
Debuted on Worldwide FM: September 20th 2017
After almost 2 decades of deliberation and painfully listening to "textbook" "Aussie" mixes from DJ's who aren't DJs and rappers & diggeurs who were suddenly DJs, I decided it was time I delved into the world famous Bulletproof Crates and specifically into the Aussie section to let heads know what's really up in the Antipodean crates when it comes to diggin' from a beat head perspective.
Here's 53 minutes of heavy hittin' top tier jazz, funk, soul, disco, drum breaks, post punk, electronics and some face meltin' cover versions. All cut up live in one take, by an actual DJ; break mix style with turntablist skills, on 2 turntables at the Bulletproof Lab in Brisbane on August 30th 2017.
Shouts to Giles Peterson and Mike Who for premiering the mix on Worldwide FM and a courteous fuck you to all the bullshit "labels" and record stores reissuing stuff that Aussie diggaz been diggin' before it was a #hashtag — dig under the radar and stop instagram vinyl circle jerkin' each other off — in the timeless words of DJ Premier, "ya'll are violating straight up and down".
Respect to everyone diggin' off social media who stay gritty in them dollar bins. Props to Salvos, Vinnies, Lifeline, Red Cross, RSPCA and every op shop still pricing their #vinyls for a buck or under.
peace. DJ Sheep
p.s. Fuck Kamahl

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