DJ Premier - R&B + Soul Remixes - Mixed by Rob Pursey


DJ Premier - R&B + Soul Remixes - Mixed Live by Rob Pursey

1. It's Alright (Gang Starr Remix) - Lina
2. 7 Days (Dj Premier Remix) - Craig David
3.I've Committed Murder (Gang Starr Remix) - Macy Gray feat. Guru and Mos Def
4. Together Again (DJ Premier Just Tha Bass Mix) - Janet Jackson
5. Ease My Mind (DJ Premier Remix) - Arrested Development
6. Sassy - Neneh Cherry feat. Gang Starr
7. A Little Spice (Gang Starr Remix) - Loose Ends
8. What I Am (Gang Starr Remix) - Tin Tin Out feat. Emma Bunton
9. From My Heart To Yours (DJ Premier Remix) - Laura Izibor
10. Shame On You - Chauncey Black
11. Lady (Just Tha Beat Mix) - D'Angelo feat. AZ
12. Bring It On (Remix) - N'Dea Davenport feat. Guru
13. Streets Of New York - Alicia Keys feat. Nas & Rakim
14. Evening News - Cee-Lo
15. Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Remix) - Brandy
Bonus Track: Back In The Day - Christina Aguilera

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Dimension: Just Be Dope (SCM) - Mixed by Pipomixes


 Let's keep the SCM theme for the week. 

A dimension where music is made just to create, with no finish line. The only goal is to just be dope. Sometimes the goal is achieved. Sometimes it's not; but it's always pursued. Respect to House Shoes and what he's built with Street Corner Music.

Flip Sessions Volume 6 : IMPEACH! (Side A) - Mixed by J. Rocc


 No surprise that a project this well executed comes from House Shoes' SCM label. Highly Recommended.

In celebration of the exit of the most trash president in the history of the United States, SCM brings you 14 flips of possibly the most sampled song in hip hop. Masterfully mixed together by JRocc, one of the greatest dj's on Earth, this will be a document that will stand the test of time. Limited to 500 copies and a one time pressing, this is a must have.

Side A Tracklist:

Madlib BBC6 Guest Mix



Though the below description doesn't explicitly say so; the quality of the mix (combined with the below suggestion) certainly causes me to think J. Rocc is responsible for the mix. Madlib or J. Rocc; the mix is Highly Recommended.

Settle your ears into 30 minutes of pure bliss and welcome a true icon to the 6 Music decks, as producer, DJ and rapper, Madlib delivers an exclusive mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. The mix was recorded in collaboration with his long time friend, the original turntablist and Beat Junkies founder, J Rocc.