86 Accord Coup - Mixed by Pipomixes


Titled "86 Accord Coup" because that is the car my brother had as he would drive me around before I was old enough to drive. I was fortunate to have a brother who was not too embarrassed to allow his little brother to tag along while he would do all the "cool" things 18-22 year olds do. All the music in the mix was music that would be regularly played in his car as he would drive me around. My brother was never a big music guy, but he had a BMG subscription at the time where he'd get random CDs every month of an eclectic array of music. That's how I recall hearing PE and the Beatnuts for the first time. Our neighbor died and left the car to my brother. We never figured out why. Fast forward 6-7 years where I decided to take the car out alone and teach myself how to drive stick. The car did not survive that day lol My brother is still mad at me about that. Enjoy the mix!

Tres Campeao - Pipomixes


World Cup is now underway. Brasil's first game is Thursday. I don't enjoy the WC. For me, it's a month of suffering that only ends well if Brasil lifts the cup at the end. I've been fortunate enough to experience that twice in my lifetime (94 and 02). The other WCs have lead to heartbreak and depression for a few days. Brasil is a favorite to win every WC per usual. However, being a favorite and lifting the copa are two different things. This isn't a WC mix, but there are drops from the 70 WC because Brasil 70 is considered the greatest team ever. Mix is actually inspired by Quasimoto. With Adventures of Quas; Madlib basically made an album mixing his favorite things; records, Sun Ra, and Melvin Van Pebbles. I took the same basic elements and added my favorite thing; Brasil futbol. Enjoy

Anderson Hunt Tape - Mixed by Pipomixes



Went through my vinyl collection and put aside everything that couldn't be found on any DSP; stonied it up; and then made a funky 4-track mega mix.

The Dust Mix - Mixed by DJ ADA



The award for first mix who gets a post on the blog in 2022 goes to DJ ADA! ADA is simply taking his mixes to another level. Highly Recommended.