Remembering The Fantastik 4our Show: What Hip Hop Radio is Supposed to Sound Like

Many of you not living in the L.A. area may not be familiar with the Fantastik 4our show. The Fantastik 4our show was to L.A. what Stretch and Bobbito were to NYC. The foursome consisted of J.Rocc, Mr. Choc, Truly Odd, and C-Minus. All four would hold down the 1's and 2's every Friday night from 12-3am, playing classic hip hop joints, underground gems, and an assortment of breaks. The show was the essence of hip hop in its purest form. I remember spending countless Friday nights hanging out at my friend's house getting blunted and playing video games. The second the clock would hit 11:45 I'd take my last hit, go home, put my headphones on, and pass-out listening to the best radio show of all time. In December of 05, the show was abruptly taken off the air. I still remember the first Friday night when I turned on the radio and heard no Fantastik 4our. Friday nights have never been the same since. A few months ago a local public radio station in L.A. (KCRW) allowed the foursome to take over the radio airwaves for one hour. Below is a recording of the hour where the Fantastik 4our took over airwaves for one last time (hopefully not). The hour may not do the show justice, but it will at least give all the non-L.A. heads a taste of what "Hip Hop Radio is Supposed to Sound Like."

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