Original - Mixed by DJ Neil Armstrong

Hearing this mixtape for the first time back in 2002 completely changed the way I approached making a mix. For me, this mix made it okay to put a little production value behind a mix. With Serato, Torq, and Protools being industry standard in today's deejay world, mixes with a high level of production value are commonplace. The fact that hardcore deejays like DJ Premier are using Serato is a result of deejays like Neil Armstrong who pushed the envelope when it still wasn't "hip hop" to produce a mix that sounded "produced." If you are wondering where Neil Armstrong is today, you can find him next to J-Hova working as his tour deejay in the Heart of the City Tour.
Original - Mixed by Neil Armstrong (download)


sexy said...
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DJ SORCE-1 said...

This mix was legendary, as are most of Neil's tapes.