We'll Always Love Big Poppa

March 9th, 1997 should be a date tattoo'd in every hip hop head's brain. A few years back, my daily routine would consist of driving by the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire (the site of Biggie's murder) twice a day on my way to and from work. Each time I passed this dreaded intersection I would just shake my head and think "what a waste." A mother lost a son, a child lost a father, and the world lost a poet in his prime. In commemoration of the anniversary of Biggie's passing, here's Mr. Cee's Best of Biggie mix. Because this mix may still be for sale in certain outlets, I'm only going to post half of the mix (which is still 60 minutes). The mix contains several exclusives, demos, freestyles, and plenty of Biggie classics.

01 Freestyle Live At Mister Cees
02 Real Love (Remix)
03 Buddy X (Remix)
04 Party And Bullshit
05 A Buncha Niggas (Original)
06 Dolly My Baby (Remix)
07 Jam Session
08 The What
09 For My Niggaz (Remix)
10 Let’s Get It On
11 I’m Just Playin
12 Cunt Renaissance
13 Da B Side
14 All Men Are Dogs
15 Madison Square Garden Freestyle
16 Live At The Palladium
17 Who Shot Ya?
18 Can’t You See
19 Real Niggaz (All Verses)
20 Players Anthem (Original & Remix)
21 Get Money (Original & Remix)
22 One More Chance (Original & Remix)

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