The Roots - Mixed by Pipomixes

For those of you who are looking forward to the release of the Roots new album "Rising Down" as much as I am, here's a mix of classic Roots joints to hold you over until April 29th. This mix was inspired by a Roots concert that I saw in February 07. While watching the concert, I remember thinking to myself that Hip Hop isn't dead, it's just growing up. Hip Hop as a culture and art form must progress and develop in order to survive and stand the test of time. The original Hip Hop generation is getting older and getting more educated. We are not too far away from the first Hip Hop president (maybe even just a few months away). The Roots represent the direction that Hip Hop music should be headed. I'm not saying that all acts need to be live bands. But those MC's and producers that fuse the core elements with innovation will keep the art form alive and relevant.
The Roots - Mixed by Pipomixes (download)
- Act Two (Love of my life)
- Livin In a New World
- Come Together
- Beatles - Come Together
- Take it There
- Rock You
- Distortion to Static
- Stay Cool
- Al Hurt "Harlem Hindo"
- Star
- Sly and the Family Stone "Star"
- Clones
- Proceed
- Don't See Us b/Lost Ones
- Don't See Us (Madlib Remix)
- Do U Want More?
- Adrenaline
- In the Music
- Don't Say Nuthin
- Next Movement
- Game Theory
- Incredible Bongo Band "Apache"
- Thought at Work
- Web
- Boom


Jason @ PSB said...

Well said. Hip hop is growing up. That's something I've been thinking about lately. Esquire also put the idea to words well with this question: "Has hip hop become that unbearable, or have we just grown old and predictable together?"

pipomixes said...

"Has hip hop become that unbearable, or have we just grown old and predictable together?"

Interesting question. I think it's probably a little of both. The original hip hop generation is now in its 30's and 40's (depdending on what you consider the orginal hip hop generation) and we are becoming more and more like our parents. For example, the old rock'n'roll heads who loved the Rolling Stones are generally not the same rock'n'roll fans who loved U2 in the 80's (not that u2 is all that bad). At the risk of sounding like my parents, the culture of hip hop and the integrity of rap music is something worth fight for (for lack of a better phrase).

Jason @ PSB said...

So true, we are becoming our parents. I'm 30, but I work "supervise" kids who are just out of high school or young 20-somethings. They see rap music/hip hop culture in a totally different light. I try to talk to them about music, they know I know the music and all, it's cool, but at the same time I just keep thinking to myself "kids these days just don't understand!" LOL

ps. Thanks for the comments on the blog, and don't you think it's hilarious that Obama's chief strategist's name is David Axelrod... Holy Thursday Barack!

Anonymous said...

Can we PLEASE re-up this? Or post a different link to Download it!?