Syrup & Soda Chapter 46 (part 1) - Mixed by DJ Screw

I'll never forget the first time I heard a DJ Screw tape. I was in summer school health class before my sophomore year (95) in high school when this kid from Texas put the Screw tape in the classroom cd player and declared to the class that "this is that new sh*t." At the time, the entire class laughed at this kid because they couldn't understand how slowed down Ghetto Boys had any musical value. A few years later, I developed an appreciation for Screw tapes as I got deeper into Screw tape type "activity." Screw tapes are legendary. Nobody actually owns an original copy (at least not in socal), but everybody knows some guy who has a tape of a tape and proliferates that tape more than nukes in post-Soviet-Russsia.
Syrup and Soda Chapter 46 (part 1) - Mixed by DJ Screw
1. ESG - Smoke On
2. Luke - You Me She
3. Chubb Rock - Just The Two Of Us
4. Heavy D - The Girls they Love Me
5. BDP - Love's Gonna Get You
6. Kool Moe Dee - Turn It Up
7. Rollin' 4 Deep - Rollin' 4 Deep


Jason @ PSB said...

I grew up in Oklahoma. Always heard of Screw tapes, but never heard a Screw tape. I have seen a lot of Screw mixes popping up on blogs lately and haven't taken, but I think I'll try this one. Thanks.

pipomixes said...

Keep in mind that screw tapes are definitely an acquired taste. Also, you tend to acquire the testr faster with the help of weed or alcohol

Jason @ PSB said...

I was thinking my old friend dextromethorpham, or better yet maybe something with codiene. Why does it always come back to my younger days of going on robo kicks? LOL