Supreme Mix - Mixed by J-Rocc

I am currently working on a Gang Starr mix and found this gem of a mix tucked inside of my Moment of Truth LP. Don't ask me how it got there, but let's just say that owning as many records and cd's as I do, things have a way of getting lost. "Why don't I alphabetize my 5,000 records?" You ask. Because I have better things to do (like work on a mix and go to work) than to spend hours on end organizing all of my records that will only get disorganized as soon as I start working on a new mix.
In any event, the below mix was completed by J-Rocc for the opening of Supreme in Harajuku, Japan. Expect funky breaks mixed in classic J-Rocc fashion. Enjoy!
Supreme Mix - Mixed by J-Rocc (download)


Anonymous said...

Thank you a million!! This is my new favorite blog :) keep up the dope work man. -Dromatic

osmo said...

yeah, that's really tasty! keep diggin'