14 Deadly Secrets (Hosted by DJ Premier) - Mixed by DJ Derozen

Since I posted the Soliloquy of Gang Starr mix yesterday, I thought I'd keep with the Primo theme and post this "best of" Premier mix by German deejays, DJ Derozen and Illfated Tre. The mix distinguishes itself from other Primo mixes because you get to hear Primo introduce each song with a short story about the creative process behind each beat. In the spirit of the classic David Chappelle skit, fast forward to the 19:17 mark and listen to Premier keep it a little "too real" when describing the relationship between Big L and Full Clip. Maybe it's just me, but there is something very awkward about hearing a story about an orgasm and the senseless murder of Big L described in the same sentence (you have to hear the story to understand). Don't worry about any Gang Starr overkill because this mix primarily consists of non Gang Starr tracks.

14 Deadly Secrets (Hosted by DJ Premier) - Mixed by DJ Derozen (download)

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WoodenPunch said...

Its mixed by me Tre the Boy Wonder (former Illfated tre)

u can find the entire 14 deadly series on my blog

14 Deadly Secrets Hosted By ERICK SERMON COMING SOON


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