The DJ Shadow Breaks Set - Mixed by Fraykerbreaks

Solid mix of breaks used by DJ Shadow. Don't expect DJ Revolution style mixing on this one. Instead, sit back and enjoy obscure Shadow break after Shadow break tastefully mixed together by Mr. Fraykerbreaks himself. The quality of music found in this mix is sure to cheer up any deejay who has got a case of the Mondays. So sit back, put on the headphones, close your eyes, and listen to the music and before you know it, it will be Friday afternoon. Well, not really. But, at least you'll be one hour closer to lunch.

The DJ Shadow Breaks Set - Mixed by Fraykerbreaks (download)

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Jason @ PSB said...

This mix is awesome! Someone sent this to me around Christmas, I had heard a lot of the originals, but some of them I hadn't heard before. That version of "Walk On By" is ridiculous!