Don't Be a Cracker and Buy N***er

Nas' new album drops this Tuesday, and all the snippets I've heard sound very good. Apparently, the album has been making its rounds around the downloading circuit for weeks. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ALBUM AND BUY IT!! I know this may sound hypocritical coming from a guy who hosts a site where people can download old mixes for free. However, I'd like to think there is a difference between downloading a mix from the late nineties and jacking a new album from one of Hip Hop's finests. The music industry is on life support. I know that there are some positive and negative aspects to the decline of the "old" music distribution model. And yes, I am aware of all the arguments in favor of revolutionizing the way in which music is distributed and consumed. With all that aside, it still comes down to basic economics 101 supply and demand principles, we must support quality music (in other words buy and demand) when it is released, so more of it is produced (supply). In other words, DON'T BE A CRACKER AND BUY N***ER (I mean the "untitled" album)

***Sorry for the midday rant, more new music posted below***


Jason @ PSB said...

Well said. Personally, I think music should be free, but at the same time I think we should truly support the artists who make quality music. And to pay it one more forward, don't buy these albums from Walmart or Target or Best Buy or any other big outlet. Go out and support your local record store, your mom and pop, your non-chain store, or better yet from the artist themselves when possible. Go see the show, buy the merch, etc.

Ps. I work for Walmart, but support my local record store.

pipomixes said...

Amen to supporting your local record store (at least the ones that are left)