Mixes #12 - Mixed by DJ Ron G

Got this from DJ Soul's blog

Side A (download)
Side B (download)


korey said...

aw. I know I'm late.
but I really wanted to download this to take to the gym w/ me :-(

Anonymous said...

waterbed was da click yo! hey, i'm requesting ron g, kid capri, mix kings ups please! also i cant figure out how to find your email cause i wanna talk. i'm currently digitizing / remaster my tapes archives and will up them somewhere.
nyc shit circa 85-99, mixtapes, radio. ron g, showtime, action pac, fasion, s&s, doowop, dj rev - chhi power intl, clue, dj ronstar, hollywood, jaymo ice, dj enough, sound tapes, harlem mine, madison records, ready or not studios, make it or break it. radio, hopefully i still got: red alert in control, marley marl wheels of steel, funk flex, silver d, ed n dre, daddy morey, gill bailey, chuck chill out, clark kent etc. keeping my fingers crossed. get at me! revsdead at yah00. thanks. love the content here pipo! good job

pipomixes said...