"Say It Loud" James Brown & Friends Pt. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Well, since I posted part 1 yesterday, I might as well post part 2 today. Is it me, or does the guy standing to James Brown's right look exactly like Spike Lee? Or is it Spike Lee doing some JB documentary that was never released? While I'm on the topic of Spike Lee, with next month marking the 3 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I think it would be a good idea to see (or see again) Lee's "When the Levees Broke" documentary. This is arguably Spike Lee's greatest masterpiece (though Do the Right Thing and X are tough to argue against). Enough of my movie rant already. Listen to the mix, watch the Katrina doc., get yourself enebriated, and try to forget that our financial system and world as we know it, are about to end. How is that for a pick-me-up....

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Bird said...

Oh smack!, thanks Pip.

Mr. Dynomite lives forever!