Best of People Under The Stairs - Mixed by DJ Food Stamp

I thought I'd post this Best of PUTS mix to compliment yesterday's post. I received this mix a few years back because I ordered a bunch of records from I must say that over the last few years no mix that I own has had as much replay value as this one. It's the perfect mix for when you are in the mood to just lay back, have a beer, and think about nothing.

Best of People Under the Stairs - Mixed by DJ Foodstamp (download)

Tracklist link:


Jason @ PSB said...

Excellent. I'm downloading this one for sure, cause after working all day my perfect night is to "lay back, have a beer, and think about nothing."

pipomixes said...

nothing beats a beer and thoughts of nothingness

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that one, dude .. perfect for a rainy Saturday morning. Had a copy my own from, but it was borrowed and never returned .. peace from Germany