Duck Season Vol. 1 - Mixed by Babu

Not the greatest mix in the world, but Babu mixes some definite gems on this one (many of which are produced by Babu). Enjoy the mix.

Duck Season Vol. 1 - Mixed by Babu (download)

1. Duck Season Intro
2. Watch Out [De La Soul Feat. Jose Hernandez]
3. Kronkite [The Creators Feat. Phil Da Agony]
4. Duck Season [The Beatnuts Feat. Al Tariq]
5. Concrete N*gga [Major]
6. Patch Up The Pieces [DJ Muro Feat. Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles]
7. Follow Instructions [M.O.P.]
8. Cake [Pete Rock Feat. The U.N.]
9. Sight For Sore Eyes [Kanick Feat. Visionaries]
10. Stand Clear [Baby Blak Feat. Crushall]
11. Behold My Life [Defari]
12. Microphone Mathematics (Remix) [Quasimoto]
13. Center Of Attention [Dilated Peoples, Souls Of Mischief, Pep Love]
14. Gold Chain Music [Bumrush Bros. Feat. Planet Asia & Evidence]
15. The Man/The Icon [Big Daddy Kane]
16. Ducky Boy [Jurassic 5]

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