Video: Pete Rock Performing Live at Central Park (2006)

Even though he is not the greatest deejay in the world, there is always something cool about seeing Pete Rock perform a live set on the tables.
** The zshare saga continues, if something isn't done in the next few days I will likely take the plunge and re-up all the mixes again. As you might imagine, I'm trying to avoid this, but I'll do what needs to be done to keep Hip Hop alive!!

Soul Brother #1 Performing Live at Amoeba, Hollywood CA (3/31/08)


carwhy said...

hi pipomix
,a re-up would be cool. was trying to listen to the jazzy jay roots-tape for days now and it doesn't work. i just read that zshare did some maintenace and cleared all the old links. don't know if its true but sounds very frustrating for a lot of people...but whats done is done and keep hiphop alive is the right answer to it!
i am looking for the dj neil armstrong "extraordinary"-mix. maybe you can help me out to find it?

Jason @ PSB said...

I feel you. I was planning on starting to re-up some junk this week, but have been busy so far every night. Looks like I'll spend this Saturday ZSharing, LOL.