Tuff Cuts - Mixed by DJ Kentaro

Kentaro provides a superb mix of various selections from the reggae label, Pressure Sounds. The emphasis is a bit on the dub side of their vaults, taking pure rhythms and mixing them into a non-stop roots era routine. The pacing, mixing and tastefully executed tricks blend together 28 selections into one continuously mixed set. Tracks inlcude numbers like "Diverse Doctrine Version" by the Village Bunch, "False Rumor Version" by King Tubby, "Future Dub" by the Upsetter, "Disco Jack Version" by Jackie Mittoo, "Roots Kunta Kintye" by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals, "Kunta Kite" and "Beware Version" by the Revolutionaries, "Jerusalem" by Devon Irons, "Freedom" by Earl 16, "Road Runner" by SOunds Unlimited, "Shaka The Great" by the Overnight Players, and "Mozabites", "Hello Love Brother", "Shake The Nation", "Out Of The Abyss" and "Lowe Gravity" by Prince Far I & The Arabs.

Tuff Cuts - Mixed by DJ Kentaro (download)

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