Fresh to Def - Mixed by Paul Nice

Not much to say today other than have a wonderful week.

It's back


Anonymous said...

please delete this and do not post paul nice mixes. we are currently selling these and you are undermining our making a living. thank you.

Anonymous said...

email me and tell me who you are and I'll delete the post.

Eric Nord said...

99% of DJs don't pay licensing for their mixes. "Anonymous" here should give every penny of those sales to the people who actually own the music he is selling.

If you are attempting to make a living off selling music, I have some advice... you need to find another business model. Wrong century.

pipomixes said...

Amen brother!

I only took it down because I am giving homeboy the benefit of the doubt about being legit (though I agree with your statements about a new business model).

BTW, I never recieved an email about who "Anonymous" was/is.

Eric Nord said...

"Anonymous" has been leaving the same message at other sites too. I would ignore the person. They are probably just Googling items they sell and leaving this message. I would put it back up just to see if they actually follow up.