Taster's Choice Vol. 5 - Mixed by J.Rocc

Okay, okay, here you all go. Now, don't say I never did anything for you all.

Taster's Choice Vol. 5 - Mixed by J.Rocc (zshare download)


Anonymous said...

ohh i didn't know.how long do you mean with "I'm going to wait a little while before I post volume 5 because it's kinda new and I don't want the deejay Gods to frown upon me" i hope the deejay god will not flame you for this upload.Thanks Rob from the http://themix-setblog.blogspot.com/ for this link.

RLFM said...

so pipo, if you havent noticed my pictures during my consistant commenting on your site, im pretty young, thus i never really had a shot at getting any of these albums. the only j.rocc cds ive actully found ive bought (say it loud, cooking ingredients, and the stones throw 10 year mix). this being said, if you could put out all the tasters choices i would love you forever, i obviously have 1, 5 and 7 from your/the funky pres's site. anyway, thats my point, but regaurdless thanks for 5!

RLFM said...

nevermind, in my travel of my daily blogs i saw the guy over at mixsetblog is posting them all soon, so that should be a treat for us all

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I've posted TS 3 months ago here'sthe link:

01. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (Remix)
02. Chuck Chill Out - I'm Large (Instrumental)
03. Eric B & Rakim - Know The Ledge
04. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator
05. Double Dee & Steinski - The Payoff Mix
06. Cut Chemist & Nu Mark - Acetate Prophets
07. Dyke & The Blazers - Let A Woman Be A Woman
08. Booker T & The M.G.'s - Melting Pot
09. Billy Gardner - Brand New Girl
10. Benny Gordon - Tighten Up
11. J.Rocc - Now Again Mix
12. New Birth - Honey Bee
13. Johnny Guitar Watson
14. Prodigy, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent Original
15. Buddy Miles Break
16. Sunny Cover Version
17. R.A.M.P. - Everybody Loves The Sunshine


Though I haven't found any links to TS 4 or 6. Anybody got any?

Eric Nord said...

where o where is #6 ?

Anonymous said...

do you mean this one hamza?
J.Rocc - Jazzy Grooves Vol. 6

i have that.you know where to get it.

Eric Nord said...

According to J.Rocc, Jazzy Grooves is not Taster's Choice 6. Someone has been spreading misinformation/mis-labeling.

There appears to be no information whatsoever about the real #6 anywhere except for J's site.

I think J wants us to get on our hands and knees and beg for it.