Video: Babu and Alchemist in Studio

Cool little video of Babu scratching in Alchemist's studio.


Anonymous said...

who's the retard in the background..?

Jason @ PSB said...

sometimes i think i like the sound of the fader click more than the scratching... i guess that's the dj in me.

pipomixes said...

You're right, the sound of a fader click has certain nostalgia to it.



the "retard" in the background is Alchemist

Jason @ PSB said...

just reminds me how much i need a new mixer. but then my pocket book reminds me that my wife quit her job today. back to the part-time retail grind for her, as i continue my full time climb to the top. someday i'll be able to award myself with that mixer. damn, life sucks. LOL

ps. i would act that retarded if all i had to do was wake up in the morning, open the fridge, smoke some dope, look out the window and scratch my balls, and then make a beat. (that's a loose interpretation alchemist quote for y'all that ain't seen those old videos.)

pipomixes said...

I've seen those videos. For me, that would be as good as it can get.

Sorry to hear about the wifey. Keep grindin