More Kush - Mixed by Pipomixes

More Kush is finally here!! Why more Kush? You ask. Well, I noticed how many of you enjoyed the original Kush Mix I posted several months back. So, in my endless effort to satisfy my blogging audience, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the lab and hit you all off with another installment of the Kush series. The latest installment of the Kush series consists of all of my favorite loops and hooks mixed, mashed, and blended together with that usual BlendingNation sound. Let's face it, our favorite songs are our favorite songs because of the catchy loop or hook repeated throughout the song. No MC will ever touch Nas' 1st verse on the "World is Yours." That being said, that song wouldn't be the same without the piano loop from Ahmad Jamal, and Pete Rock singing the hook, "Who's world is this?"
Before all of you go and download the mix, I think it's worth mentioning that some of the loops and hooks incorporated into the mix are as played as polo-shirts at a Kanye West show, while others are as slept-on as Sunday morning talk shows. Remember, THESE ARE MY FAVORITE LOOPS AND HOOKS. This mix is by no means intended to be an "All Time Greatest Loops" mix. As always, a lot of time, money, and energy, went into crafting this mix. What does all that mean? It means that I hope you all enjoy the mix half as much as I enjoyed making it.

**For all of my fellow mix bloggers out there, feel free to post the mix on your blogs if you are feelin' it.

(Tracklist to the best of my recollection)

- Kraftwerk - Man Machine (live version)
- MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
- Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks
- Ahmad - Back in the Day
- Biggie Smalls - Big Poppa
- Ice Cube - Good Day
- Ice Cube - U Know How We Do It
- AZ - I'm Back
- Boogie Man - Ghetto
- Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
- Nas - Memory Lane
- Biz Markie - Just a Friend
- LL Cool J - I Need Love
- Busta Rhymes - Genesis
- Quasimoto - Real Eyes
- Quasimoto - Come on Feet
- Quasimoto - Bad Charecter
- Rakim - Eric B is President
- Rakim - My Melody
- Beatnuts - No Equal Rmx
- Craig Mack - Flava in Your Ear
- Jurrasic 5 - Freedom
- De La Soul - Fallin
- De La Soul - Itssoeazy
- People Under the Stairs - Empty Bottles of Water
- Nate Dogg - Hardest Man
- Nate Dogg - Nobody Does it Better
- Warren G - Regulate
- Warren G - Do U See?
- The Dogg Pound - DPG
- The Dogg Pound - I Don't Like to Dream About Gettin Paid
- The Dogg Pound -Slip Slidin'
- Jungle Brothers - The Promo
- A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
- A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick it?
- Common - Resurrection Large Pro Rmx
- Common Resurrection Extra-P Rmx
- Large Professor - After School
- Common - Hungry
- El Michaels Affair - CREAM
- El Michaels Affair - Glaziers
- Menahan Street Band - Make the Road by Walking
- Jay-Z - Roc Boys
- Public Enemy - He Got Game
- Skee-lo - I Wish
- Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That
- Bel Biv Devoe - Poisen
- Nirvana - Come As You Are
- Nirvana - Lithium
- Journey - Don't Stop Believing
- Slum Village - Fantastic
- Yancey Boys - All Good
- Biggie Smalls - Ready to Die
- Biggie Smalls - Somebody's Got to Die
- Biggie Smalls - Warning
- Big L - The Enemy
- Beatles - Sgt. Peppers
- Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun


omega said...

the tracklist is crazy!

pipomixes said...

hope you enjoy

Anonymous said...

Dope blog - you have a nice selection of music and I'm feelin' that. I just downloaded tha tDJ Soul "Assorted Donuts." Check out my blog and tell me what you think. I'm thinking about featuring your page.

- Miss Long


I have yet to download this one, but I know it has been worth the wait. For some reason I have been anticipating this mix for a minute now. Its kinda like when I used to look forward to "new music tuesdays" here at Hastings music before the year of 1998. Haven't had that feeling in a laaaawwwwnnnnnggggg time!!!

RLFM said...


Jason @ PSB said...

Finally more kush! Can't wait to listen. I've already linked and will do a better job after listening.

ps. Turntable Lab says my order is shipped, new mixer on the way. I might just have to do a mix.

Che Williams said...

Been waiting for this! Got your last kush mix. Nice track list. But why so short?!?!? 30 mins?!? Your last one was almost an hour. Can we get more love on the time length next time? Keep that true shit coming!

pipomixes said...

What kind of mixer did you get? I just bought a new mixer 6 weeks ago and it's more addicting than crack in the 80's

pipomixes said...


Sorry about the shortness. When push comes to shove, I error on the side of quality over quantity. I figure that most listeners are ADD and can't listen to more than 30-40 min. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll definitely try to increase the length next time.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop in and say that I'm about halfway through this mix so far and I'm lovin it. Been downloading mixes off the blog for a while now, and wanted to take the opportunity to say that I truly appreciate what you're doing.

pipomixes said...

Thank you for the kind words :)

Che Williams said...

I here you. But most of my people love a good, original mix. And when we hear one, we like it to last. Like your Kanye mix. Loved it! I just wish I got like, 15 more minutes. LOL!! Besides that, I love what your doing. Keep up the good work!

Jason @ PSB said...

I got a basic cheap Vestax 002 with USB. I had a crappy Stanton for awhile, which I beat the hell out of, and it finally croaked. I'm on a budget, so I went with the best for the least, IMO. Someday I'll splurge on an 05Pro or a nice Rane, someday. Probably the best mixer I've ever played on was a DJ Innovation's Rane, not that you know or care who Inno is.

What's this crack mixer you speak of?

pipomixes said...

A numark dmx06 ($200). I just like it because it has a bunch of cool effects that are fun to play with. But, I'm with you, someday (which will probably be never) I'll buy a Rane when I have a g that's just burning a whole in my pocket.

Jason @ PSB said...

that dmx06 looks sweet. i was between the dmx01 and the vestax, and went with the vestax. i have no experience with the numarks,

how's the digital fader? does it feel diff? can you tell a diff on the sound?

Anonymous said...

This is the first of your mixes that I've ever heard, but I gotta say I'm really, really impressed. Great work

pipomixes said...

Glad you enjoyed the mix. Feel free to listen to my other mixes.

Viagra Online said...

wow, thank you, those loops are really good. I enjoyed it so much. Hey, you rock dude, by the way; I'd like to make my own mixes. Bye.

ONEKEBO said...