Big Brother - Mixed by Pipomixes

I thought I'd re-post one of my own mixes for today's installment of re-up Friday. This mix was recorded sometime in 2005/06. If I remember correctly, I think this is the last mix I did before I bought Torq. Below is the description of the mix from the original post in April 2008.

"Since so many of you enjoyed DJ Platurn's De La Soul mix, I thought I'd post this Big Brother mix that was featured on a few months back (just before Little Brother's latest album dropped). The mix was inspired by a Little Brother interview I read a few years ago. In the interview, I remember the interviewer asked the group why they went with the name "Little Brother." The group replied that they chose the name because they felt that musically, they were the "little brother" of groups like ATCQ, De La Soul, and Slum Village. In the spirit of that interview, I put together a 40 minute mix of Tribe, De La, and Slum V classics titled "Big Brother." Same BlendingNationSounds mixing style that all of you have come to know and love. Enjoy."

- Slum Village - Untitled
- Slum Village - Fall in Love Remix
- ATCQ - Lyrics to Go
- ATCQ - Find a Way
- De la Soul - Fallin
- De la Soul - Itssoeasy
- Slum Village - Fantastic
- Slum Village - Look of Love pt. 1
- ATCQ - Bonita Applebun
- ATCQ - Once Again
- Slum Village - Look of Love pt. 2
- Slum Village - CB4
- Slum Village - Players
- De la Soul - Stakes is High
- De la Soul - Declaration
- De la Soul - The Bizzness
- De la Soul - Plug Tunnin
- ATCQ - Oh My God Remix
- ATCQ - Money Maker
- ATCQ - Midnight
- Slum Village - La La
- Slum Village - Fall in Love
- ATCQ - Can I Kick it
- ATCQ - Check the Rhyme
- De la Soul - Breakadawn


omega said...

this is the mix that did it for me. after I heard the mix I knew you found your groove. one of the best you put together.

pipomixes said...

good looking out O

Manifest said...

yo pipo. i'm livin this mix. so good to hear little brother getting love on the west coast! all the classics in one mix. thank you and keep it up!

Justice Equality said...

yo I hope you dont mind me posting this mix on my blog... much love to you as always!

pipomixes said...

Not only do I not mind, I encourage it. The whole point of my blog was originally to get as many people as possible to listen to my mixes. Some how along the way, I became a database for everybody else's mixes. Funny how things work out

pipomixes said...


Glad you enjoyed the mix :)

Justice Equality said...

Posted!!! Thank you much for letting me post it on my blog! And yes, this mix .. it's crack!

jsalexandra said...

Very good work done.i must say.The collection is so nice here.I am very pleased to get this big brother download
link.The mixes are really good and i feel that most of the numbers are catchy.

Dave la Soul said...

Dope! I'm going to re-post this on my blog if that's straight?

Unknown said...

Damn, I think this download link is dead also.

pipomixes said...

Re-up coming Friday