Def Jam Mix - Mixed by K-Delight

My peoples over at Dirtcastle put me onto this mix. According to the cover, this mix was recorded all in one take. I'm not trying to call anybody a liar here, but this mix is just too good to have been recorded live. Well, I guess that's the biggest compliment I can give to K-Delight.

Def Jam Mix - Mixed by K-Delight (zshare download)

Courtesy K-Delight


Eric Nord said...

ahha... i dig the skepticism. not sure where i saw this first. maybe ukhh or something.

pipomixes said...

Nah, I really meant it as a compliment. Even if I thought it, I wouldn't call anybody out like that.

In any event, great find on the mix.

Unknown said...

K-D is an amazing DJ, and it is an 'in one take' mix, he awesome to watch live!

He did the first Mix tape: Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat

Check out this Promo Vid i did for his album Audio Revolution, you can see his live skills at the start and the end: