Heavy Weights Vol. 1 - Mixed by J. Rocc and Truly Odd

I'm not sure why, but many of you have slept on this mix. Well, here is a friendly reminder to download and listen. Below is a copy of the original post.

Excellent mix from half of the Fantastik 4our. I'm not quite sure how, but this mix got passed me and I just heard it for the first time a few months back. Based on the tracklist, I'm guessing that this mix was made sometime in 99/2000. Expect everything that you would expect from a mix that has J.Rocc's name on it. Enjoy...

Heavyweights Volume 1 - Mixed by J. Rocc and Truly Odd (download)

Mobb Deep - Last Supper
Bumpy Knuckles - Stock In The Game
D.I.T.C. - Time To Get This Money
Dilated Peoples - Platform
Reflection Eternal - Some Kind Of Wonderful
Self Scientific - Best Part
Ben Buford & Truly Odd - X-cersise 1-2
Quasimoto - C'Mon Feet
Slum Village - Players
Defari feat. Chuck Hustle - Aged Whiskey, Aged Remy
Lord Have Mercy feat. M.O.P. - Home Sweet Home
Coco Brovaz - Super Brooklyn
The Lox - Reconize
Checkmate - The Devil vs. The Maker
Ghostface Killah - One
D.I.T.C. - Weekend Nights
Missin Linx feat. Freddie Foxxx - Family Ties
Screwball feat. MC Shan - You Love To Hear The Stories

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