Psycho Les (of the Beatnuts): Music for the Soul, Vol. 1

Re-post Friday is back again with another great mix that you may have missed, or just straight slept on. This mix has Psycho Les on the 1's and 2's mixing an array of funk and soul breaks. Below is the description originally posted.

Behind every great hip hop producer is a deejay. There's no denying Psycho Les' production abilities, but check out Les get down on the wheels of steel.

Psycho Les Presents... Music for the Soul Vol.1 (download)



Thank you pipo!! Im glad you put this back up. A friend was asking about it, and I dont know what I did with this one. BEATNUTS FOREVER!!!!

Olskool4real said...

This is one of them joints I must've downloaded from you and didn't play yet!!Boy was I missing out on somethin!! This joint is hot I mean I really rocked this joint acouple of times and it's still in my car now!! He put his thing down 4 real!! I hope he had more volumes that were similar!!Thanks ro reminding us!!