Video: Beat Junkie Radio Feat. DJ Numark

All that bitching and moaning about hip hop being dead blah blah blah... has got to stop. Hip Hop is just not being played on the radio. But that doesn't mean it's dead. Was hip hop dead back in 1982 because it wasn't being heard on national airwaves? In all actuality, hip hop is alive and well. The most wonderful thing about it all is that the technology of today allows the true heads to broadcast their music directly to the world without the traditional forms of communication (corporate radio). Hip Hop ain't dead, radio is. Just watch the below videos and see. The motherf*cking Beat Junkies and Beatminerz are mixing hours worth of records multiple times a week!! When these dudes say that they love this culture, they f*cking mean it. Have we figured out how to make money of this? Not quite yet. But don't worry, we'll figure out how to eat off this in due time. Commerce will come soon enough. However, for right now, I'm having fun watching the new millennium underground movement develop.

P.S. If there's a smoother mix-set on video (than Numark's) I'd like to see it.

Courtesy Beat Junkie Radio


chillone said...

i uploaded the 1 set of the nu-mark session.

Bowls said...

Fuck the bullshit....this is easily one of the best mixes we'll hear this year. On all 45's at that. I talked to him here in Nashville a couple weeks after this episode better believe that was the first thing I mentioned to him.